International Conferences

2011 - Paleogenomics summer school, Cargese (Corsica)

2010 - The World of Mammoths, Le Puy-en-Velay (France)

2009 - Sixty Ninth international SVP meeting, Bristol (UK)

2009 - International meeting of the French network of Paleogenetics, IJM, Paris

2007 - ABRF meeting, Tampa FL (USA)

2005 - Second World Of Elephants, Hot Springs SD (USA)

2005 - International Mammalogical Congress (IMC9), Sapporo (Japan)

2003 - WHS meeting, New-York (USA)

2001 - World of Elephants, First International Conference, Rome (Italy)

2000 - EAZWV bisannual meeting, MNHN, Paris (France)

National Meetings

2010 - Table Ronde RTP Paleogenetique, CNRS, Paris

2010 - "Journees scientifiques Andre Menez", MNHN, Paris

Group Seminars

2011 - Seminar {Next-Gen Sequencing technologies}, UMS2700, MNHN, Paris

Public Conferences

2012 - Genetic provenance for the Maori heads from the former collections of the Musee de l'Homme

2010 - Public conference, musée Crozatier, Le Puy-en-Velay (France)

2009 - Le clonage du mammouth est-il en cours?

2009 - Biotechnology Initiative Lectures, CBERC, Toronto

2005 - Science en fete, Forum des Sciences, Villeneuve D'Ascq (France)

2004 - Highschool conference, Fondation 93

2002 - Public course about the history of elephantids, MNHN (Paris)

2001 - Taphonomie et ADN ancien, College de France, Paris

2000 - Public conference, SCOOP Festival, Angers

Public Workshops

2005 - Fossil casting and painting workshop, 'Fete de la Science', MNHN, Paris (France)

2004 - Fossil casting and painting workshop, Fete de la Science, MNHN, Paris (France)

2001 - Ancient DNA workshop, 'Fete de la Science', UPMC, Paris (France)

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