Antibiotic resistance is ancient

The discovery of antibiotics more than 70 years ago initiated a period of drug innovation and implementation in human and animal health and agriculture. These discoveries were tempered in all cases by the emergence of resistant microbes. This history has been interpreted to mean that antibiotic resistance in pathogenic bacteria is a modern phenomenon; this view is reinforced by the fact that collections of microbes that predate the antibiotic era are highly susceptible to antibiotics.

“Le Point” hits the mammoth resurrection

Check out the article by Frédéric Lewino for the weekly French magazine “Le Point” where I’ve been commenting about the future resurrection of the mammoth as announced by a japanese team. C’est l’émouvante histoire d’un vieil homme qui rêve de chuchoter à l’oreille d’un mammouth. Depuis plus de quinze ans, Akira Iritani, 81 ans, professeur…