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International Publications

2015 - Fishing for barcodes in the Torrent
2012 - Molecular Identification and Metagenomics Using Complete Mitochondrial Genomes
2011 - Antibiotic resistance is ancient
2011 - Complete Columbian mammoth mitogenome suggests interbreeding with woolly mammoths
2011 - Anatomy of the mandibular and coronoid canals in proboscideans
2010 - Regional Differences in Bone Collagen d13C and d15N of Pleistocene Mammoths: Implications for Palaeoecology of the Mammoth Steppe
2009 - A Quantitative Approach to Detect and Overcome PCR Inhibition in Ancient DNA Extracts
2009 - Comment on “DNA from Pre-Clovis Human Coprolites in Oregon, North America”
2009 - Time-Dependency of Molecular Rates in Ancient DNA Datasets, a Sampling Artifact?
2009 - New insights from old bones: DNA preservation and degradation in permafrost preserved mammoth remains
2008 - Comment on "Whole-genome shotgun sequencing of mitochondria from ancient hair shafts"
2008 - Ancient DNA and the New World Origin of Late Quaternary Mammoths
2008 - Phylogenetic relationships of the Asian palm civets (Hemigalinae & Paradoxurinae, Viverridae, Carnivora)
2006 - Results of the CERPOLEX/Mammuthus expeditions on the Taymir peninsula, Arctic Siberia, Russian Federation
2005 - A universal primer set for PCR amplification of nuclear histone H4 genes from all animal species
2005 - Discovery of a Stegodon–Ailuropoda assemblage in a cave of northern Thailand (Ban Fa Suai, Chiang Dao)
2005 - A case study of apparent controversy between molecular phylogenies: the interrelationships of African elephants
2003 - Status of the so-called African pygmy elephant (Loxodonta pumilio (Noack, 1906))
2003 - Mitochondrial cytochrome b of the Lyakhov mammoth

Publications in French

2006 - [Biological evolution and ancient DNA]
2004 - [Towards a non-systematic phylogenetics?]
2004 - [Contribution of molecular phylogeny and morphometrics to the systematics of African elephants]

Conference proceedings

2009 - The "time-dependency of molecular rates of evolution" revisited
2009 - What controls for the new era of high-throuput sequencing in ancient DNA?
2005 - Phylogeography of Forest and Savannah African elephants
2005 - Morphometrics and ontogenetic growth of Forest and Savannah African elephants
2005 - The mandibular canal in proboscideans: comparative anatomy and phylogenetic implications
2004 - How many species of elephants in Africa? Appraisal of an apparent controversy between molecular phylogenies
2001 - New mitochondrial data demonstrating a close relationship between Mammuthus primigenius and Loxodonta africana
2001 - Molecular phylogeny of living elephants
2001 - The timing of early elephantine differentiation











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